David Michael Barnett

David Michael Barnett

Founder and President of CORE Family Resources

CORE Life Coaches

by | Jul 30, 2019

David is the founder and President of CORE Family Resources.  His life coaching specializations are marriage, pre-marital, parent, fathering, foster/adoption related, special education and spiritual formation.  He has a BA from Harding University and an MA from Oklahoma Christian University.   Before working with CFR, he was a Special Education/English teacher. His coach training is from the Institute of Life Coach Training and the Professional Christian Coaching Institute.

To contact David for more information email info@corefamilyresources.com

To contact David for more information email davidmichaelbarnett@gmail.com

Life Coaching is a technique used for self-improvement and reaching present and future goals. Are you feeling stuck? Would you appreciate help in identifying your future goals and welcome help on how to reach them? We all have things in life that have us running in circles and it may just take a little help from a person who has also “been there” to help unravel that twisted path. Regardless if you struggle with ADHD/ADD or simply need to ‘rewire’ your brain into positive thinking mode, I would love to help you with a free assessment in getting you started to a rewarding Life. *As an ‘80HD’er’ herself, Mandi is a certified Life Coach through IACCC University. Born and raised in Central Arkansas, Mandi completed her BA degree at Harding University. With being very intuitive, she has always listened to that inner most voice-God. After going through a very critical time in her life, where her life was a daily war, she decided to take her negative experiences and find the blessings that she gained from them. Her favorite quote is “you can always see the positive signs in every waking moment, you just have to VISUALIZE.”


If you have an interest regarding Mandi’s coaching, please send a message to mandihogan7@gmail.com and she will contact you.

Amanda (Mandi) Hogan

Amanda (Mandi) Hogan

Life Coach at CORE Family Resources

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