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Become the Father You Were Meant to Be

Being a father is one of the greatest gifts as well as responsibilities of life!   When my wife became pregnant and fatherhood was looming,  I became depressed.  I had two fathers.  My first one died when I was almost three.  I have a few memories of him which were meaningful.    Without any training on how to raise foster/adopt children,  my next father was very tough.  This was during the era when many parents still believed strongly in corporal punishment — he did not “spare the rod!” This was also before any understanding of complex or developmental trauma.   Although, I have many good memories of my adoptive parents,  I did not want to raise my children like I was raised.  An unresolved past was triggering my depression.

Thankfully, with the help of a therapist,  and reading everything I could find at the time about fathering as well as parenting, I became a CORE Father.  I also married the right woman! What did I do?   I tried to treat my children the same way I wanted to be treated when I was a boy.  Later, I wanted to help other fathers so I took a graduate class on fathering as a part of a Masters Degree in Ministry.  I also went to the National Center for Fathering and received their training on leading father groups.  I was already a fan of Dr. Ken Canfield and the ICANs of fathering, so I knew it was going to be good!  In other words, I became very serious about fathering!   Now, after raising three children, and being a grandfather to three, I feel like I have had some good experience being a father. (I’ll send you my kids’ email address if you need a reference.)

Now, I am offering CORE Father Coaching for you to become a confident dad!  Having a family and being a dad has been the greatest gift in my life, and it can be yours too!  If it is your first time, I can help you create the right map to get you where you want to be.  If you are an experienced father, I can help you find the map!  If you are interested in CORE Father Coaching, go to the contact page and let’s get started! What are your fathering goals?  Send me a message to get started on CORE Father Coaching.  There is no charge for the introductory session.  Become the father you were meant to be! 

What You Can Expect From Us

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CORE Father Coaching

Being a father is one of the greatest gifts, as well as responsibilities, of life! When my wife became pregnant and fatherhood was looming, I became depressed. I had two fathers.

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