Father Coaching

Being a father is one of the greatest gifts, as well as responsibilities, known to man.  When my wife became pregnant with our first child and fatherhood was looming, I became depressed.  I had two fathers.  My first one died when I was almost three, and, my adoptive father was very tough.  This was during the era when many parents still believed strongly in corporal punishment — he did not “spare the rod!”  I did not want to raise my child like I was raised, so it was among many things triggering my depression.

Thankfully, with the help of a counselor and reading everything I could at the time about fathering as well as parenting, I did fine.  I tried to treat my children the same way I wanted to be treated when I was a boy.  Later, I wanted to help other fathers so I took a graduate class on fathering as a part of a Masters Degree in Ministry.  I also went to Kansas at the National Center for Fathering and received their training on leading father groups.  After raising three children, and now being a grandfather to three, I feel like I have had some good experience being a father. (I’ll send you my kids’ email address if you need a reference.) 🙂

Now, I am offering father coaching to help new fathers as well as those who have been at it for awhile.  The first session is free.  Then we will continue with as many sessions as you feel you need in order to be a confident dad!  Having a family and being a dad has been the greatest gift in my life.  Let me help you experience the same joy I have.


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