Compassionate Adoption

All adoptions should be compassionate adoptions, but the’re not.  If they were, there would not be so many messed up adult adoptees (an adoptee is one who has been adopted).   For the past few years I have been reading the social media sites of adoptees, some of  whom are angry, confused, bitter, feeling unloved and disconnected.  They blame their adoptive parents, birth parents, social workers and the system in general.  Some adoptees believe that adoption should be illegal.  Others are angry because they want to know where they came from,  yet federal and state laws are blocking their right to know.

What is a compassionate adoption?  A compassionate adoption is an adoption that emanates from the heart of God.   It is the intention of this writing to be explicit about what this means and apply it to the lives of those who have been affected by adoption.  If you have been touched by adoption, or even the thought of it, this blog is going to be for you.  Please feel free to make comments regarding your experiences, disagree, ask questions, or even respond by writing some encouraging words.  Share this with your friends, and will see where Compassionate Adoption takes us.  Blessings to you!


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