Family Matters!

“God sets the lonely in families….” Psalm 68:6

I know “God sets the lonely in families,” because that is what he did for me. Although, the family I was born into didn’t last very long. I was born into a family with a dad, mom, and a sister – thirteen months older than me. My brother came into the world two years and two weeks later. We were a family of five, but sadly, that only lasted eleven more months. A few weeks before my third birthday, my father died. He was only twenty eight years old. Ronald Benjamin Hutchinson was traveling at a high rate of speed late one Sunday night, a few days before Christmas, then hit the concrete base of a freeway sign, leaving no skid marks behind. My mother told the neighbors she killed him. She ended up in a psychiatric hospital; my sister, brother, and I ended up in emergency foster care. The family I was born into no longer existed. At a very early age I was introduced to loneliness.

It was about twenty three years later, when I discovered what God really meant. I was a lonely young man, then I met the love of my life, Phyllis. Within a few years we had three children – Matthew, Melissa, and Michael. Thirty plus years later, we have two children-in-law, Danyel and Payton; and three extraordinary grandchildren, Jude, Sadie, and Graham. Creating a health family has been my passion. I love my family!

CORE Family Resources has been created to build strong families through life coaching, speaking, and writing. Do you need someone to inspire you to guide you from where you are now to where you want to be? Send me a message. I want to become your Life Coach!

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