photography of family near pine tree

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It is a core value of CORE Family Resources that the family is the key to society.  The healthier the families, the healthier a society.  When there is a breakdown in the nuclear family, there is a breakdown in our society.  We believe at CORE Family Resources that family was the creator of the universe’s idea.  For a family to be successful, it must be Centered, Open, Relational, and Empowered.  These words are more than the acronym for CORE, they are descriptions of a healthy family.  How is your family doing?   The place to begin is your marriage.  Focus on the Family has an excellent online series: Marriage: God’s Idea.   I hope you will consider taking this course for the sake of your family.  After you begin, let me know how it is going! If you feel you would benefit from individual or marriage coaching, contact CFR!

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