Author Barbara Taylor Blomquist’s recently released book, “Embracing The Adoption Effect,” garners a positive review from Vermont Adoption Consortium member, Judith Bush.

“I especially like the words “the adoption effect” in the title of this book.  It is a novel improvement on “adoption issues”, a phrase which always sounds to me like a set of problems and negative fallout rather than a straightforward assessment of all that ensues, good and bad, when adoption is in the picture,” Bush states.

“Embracing the Adoption Effect” is a summary of stories, interviews, and commentaries from the author about adoptive children and adoptive parents.

“Blomquist has mined this rich material to present a coherent perspective on the overall experience of adoption… the result of this approach enables the reader to grasp the complexity of the experience of adoption. Blomquist’s conclusion, and in a sense her advice, is that the outcome of living with adoption is much more dependent on one’s attitude than on anything else.”


This book is one of the most balanced books on the subject of adoption I have read. Writing from the perspective of an adoptive mom and a counselor, Barbara Blomquist’s perspective is empathetic and enlightened.  This particular work shares the perspective of 29 people touched by adoption from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s.


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