What does it mean to be connected?   In the professional world of business or entertainment, it is having the right contacts.  In the spiritual world it is having a relationship to God.  In the parenting world, it is having an attachment to your child, and for the child to have an attachment to you.

The C of CORE Family Resources is for the word connected.   This connection refers to  the relationship a person has to God, and the relationship a person has to their family.  It is my concept that in order to have the most optimal relationship with your family, you need to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Connections happen for a child by meeting their needs.  The most important needs are sustenance,  security, and unconditional love.  If these three basic needs are not met, there will not be an attachment, and as a result, no trust.  Ideally, this happens in the first three years of life which sets the stage for healthy growth.  However, if a child is from “a hard place”, then they have had a difficult life, possibly as early as the prenatal stage.  Neglect, abandonment, and abuse are the roads that run through “a hard place”.  These roads are not smooth, and damage to a child’s vehicle (body and soul) often occurs.  However, there is hope.

The hope is Trust Based Relational Intervention.  By using the TBRI framework,   a child can be healed, and a connection can be made.  Are you connected?  Is your child connected?  If not, send me a message and I will put you on the pathway to healing.

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